1. Great thinkers
2. YouTube
3. The heart

Answer: all of the above

If you know what you're trying to accomplish but you're not sure how to do it, you're probably thinking about a lot of options. Let us look at the situation with you and come back with new perspectives and possibilities. YouTube? It's good to know what different people consider great ideas. And in the end, all good ideas come from doing your best to communicate well, from the heart.

Our design and project management process includes:

  • Discovering your needs
  • Outlining the project/ media parameters
  • Technology framework assignment
  • Budget and schedule management
  • Creative development
  • Concept refinement
  • Production
  • Execution
  • Celebration

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Copywriting and Content Development
Good copy, like good graphic design, doesn't call attention to itself. It communicates. And while most clients know what they want to say, they also appreciate the services of someone who knows how to say it. Kevershan Design | Testerman Communications sends all the right messages.

We put thoughts into words paired with images, and we advise you on the best place to do so; in a brochure, on a sign, within an email. As a team, we work to make the whole process interesting and efficient.

In case you're not sure what "copywriting" and "content development" mean, here you go:

  • Marketing writing (brochures, annual reports, direct mail, etc.)
  • Web page development (deciding what goes where on the page, then filling in the blanks)
  • Search engine content writing (so Google ranks your site up there)
  • Creative/concept development
  • Naming (companies, products, babies — Evan and Jane were successful)
  • Scriptwriting
  • Articles, blogs and press releases (research, interviews, more research)
  • Technology writing
Graphic Design
A professional, experienced graphic designer adds value to any project. Beyond being skilled in the latest computer programs, true graphic artists understand the role of creativity in marketing. They bring their knowledge of proportion, color, scale, type, sound, motion, and emotion to any medium, from an annual report to an interactive web presentation.

At Kevershan Design | Testerman Communications, we have been developing successful solutions in graphic design for small to large companies, for over 20 years. Our characteristic quality is relentless attention to detail matched with inventive design exploration. We like what we do and we like our clients. (We especially like to take our clients out to lunch!)

We have had the opportunity to work closely with many in-house marketing departments. We also maintain solid working partnerships with a number of local and national web developers, photographers, illustrators, as well as other industry professionals.

Kevershan | Testerman serves clients in San Diego, Los Angeles, New York, and Copenhagen, providing graphic design solutions in:

  • Print
  • Marketing collateral
  • Web design and development
  • Environmental graphics
  • Interactive media